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.·´¯`·-»Summer Funn [entries|friends|calendar]

Birthday:.·´¯`·-»November 27th

My Favorite..

City: New York City, NY
State: Alaska
Cruise: Serenade of the Seas
Teacher: Either Ms.Music or Mrs.Steele
Color: Pink
Animal: n/a
Actor: Jake Abel
Actress: n/a
Basketball Team: Pistons
Hockey Team: Red Wings
Food: Anything Italian/Mexican
TV Show: I like Reality TV shows
Song: Somebody Told Me or Behind These Hazel Eyes
Band: The Killers or Maroon 5
Solo Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Ocean: Alantic
Country: USA baby!!!
Country {besides the one you live in}: Australia or England.
Store: American Eagle
Sport: Dance, Figure Skating, Swimming
Word: Whatev
Subject{School}: Math
Plant: n/a
Flower: Rose {?}
Movie: Too Many Favs
Bird: Eagle
Reptile: Turtle
Mammal: Too many Favs

oh..Random Stuff...PROMINADE and EUROBUNGY and JAKE ABEL rock!!! Lol. 1st 2 are inside jokes...tehe

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Wow... [March 13th, 2006 at 9:48pm ]
Woah..this is so odd. I haven't updated...i like a year. Lol that's wicked.

My future is bright because I am growing up in America.

I wander the streets of Beijing, a cloud of misery above my head. My lungs inhale the thick, smog-filled air. Hundreds of people bustle through the city; several knocking into me as I try to make my way through town. I feel overlooked and underestimated. [PAUSE] My mind turns to school. Education is rough here. When I am not in school, I spend most of my time studying. However, there is little chance that I will be able to go to the university I dream of. The competition is much too fierce. And in this overflowing city, job opportunities are scarce. So where does that leave me?
But wait, that's not my life. That's not my future. My future is bright because I am growing up in America.

Growing up in America is different. I do spend most of my free time studying, but here, my hard work will pay off. I will go to a good high school, do well, and then, the doors of prestigious colleges open to me. There, I can study whatever I choose. From business to physics, I can study whatever I want. After graduation, I will encounter countless job opportunities. Here in America, determination and hard work are rewarded in ways not possible for people living in China.
But the biggest difference between life as a Chinese girl and an American girl is that here in America; I can be the pilot of my own life. And I have been able to do so since I was very young. Everyday I make decisions that Chinese girls are not able to face. And now, I am deciding what direction my life will take in the future by choosing which high school to attend. And after that, I will choose where to go to college, what to study, and what to become. I will not face the control that Chinese girls face. In China, there are parents who totally control their child’s future. And if the child doesn’t agree or says “No,” it is a sign of disrespect and loss of love. And I don’t want that. I will get to choose my own future. And in the future, I will achieve my dreams. Those dreams are still in progress right now, but I'll get to them someday. And the harder I work, the more I will achieve.
My education is just one example. In America, education is a stepladder, and I am climbing one step at a time, reaching toward the top. Taking it step by step is something I wouldn't be able to do in China. I would be stuck on a low step because I could never get to the next one. In China, there are so many students and few universities. And all those students have one goal, to get into those schools. But questions are always popping into their heads. What if I don’t get in? What will happen to me then? I know that sounds very pessimistic and unfortunately, I know the answers. If they don’t get into college, their dreams automatically turn into dust. There will be no way to reach the top of the ladder. But I’m not growing up in China. I am growing up in America.
I walk down the streets of New York City with confidence and brilliance. This time, I inhale new ideas and thoughts to be presented in the real world. Hundreds of people bustle through the city; several of them flash a smile at me, as I try to make my way through town. I feel respected and powerful. Nothing can stop me. [PAUSE] My mind turns to school. Education is rough here but my studying for school pays off. There are so many celebrated universities who welcome me with open arms. And in the populated city, job opportunities are almost everywhere.
And that’s my life. That’s my future in America.
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NEW LIVEJOURNAL [August 6th, 2005 at 10:06pm ]
Nu LJ => xx__maggie

that's two _'s for your info ^^

<3 MAggie
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B-O-R-E-D [August 6th, 2005 at 12:22pm ]
[ mood | BounCy? wtf? ]

Kay...cuzin's r ova and we're doing nothing what so ever. etc. Hm...i really wanna here from all of you so comment and tell me what you've been up too!





Pictures from china!! [August 2nd, 2005 at 7:34am ]
[ mood | AwaKe ]

Clicky here -->{ http://xanga.com/xoxo_maggi3 }to see my pictures from china. then come back here and comment if you took a look at them!!



Oh, and if you didn't already, read yesterday's entry/post! ^-^


Back From China! [August 1st, 2005 at 3:38pm ]
[ mood | HyPer! ]

I GOT HARRY POTTER SIX AT 3:00am ON JULY 16th 2005!!! w00t!

Hey everyone! Back from China! It was a lot more fun then I expected! A LOT more fun. Met a lot of kewl and awesome peeps. Mucho love to all of them! I'll tell you bout them in a sec. I actually wrote this all on the plane from Beijing to Michigan. OMG, Contenental Airlines is so COOL!!!!! Compared to shitty airlines like Northwest. lol. And now i'm just typing up what i wrote. i also have to say that HARRY POTTER 6 IS THE SADDEST BOOK!!! Not sad as in retarded, sad as in sad. I was crying after i read it. and i got angry at it too...lol. Okay..ready everyone? cause this is gonna be a long thingy....

The Other Peeps who were in Camp w/ me ;; (In alphabetical order)\

Name: Alan
Age: 14
My Comments: Swears a lot..lol. More then Ricky which means Alan swears A LOT! But he's hilarious. He's also going to IA which puts a lot of bonus points.
Quote: 'Who the hell wears Adidas?' *looks down at his own clothes/shoes* 'Oh, shit'

Name: Amy
Age: 18
My Comments: She is such a sweetheart! She's going to an all girls college next year. Mucho love to her. Good luck as well Amz!
Quote: 'It's OVER!'

Name: Brendan
Age: 11
My Comments: Obssessed w/ Kirby and the Canvas Curse (on Nintendo DS). He's really funny and he's sweet and adorable. everyone was like awwwwww
Quote: 'Isn't this like the exact same thing!?' {Inside Joke}

Name: Jennifer
Age: 12
My Comments: I've known her since i was a week old..seriously. Scary eh? she's really annoying but a good friend. AND BONUS!!!! she lykes TOm...HAHAHA..lol
Quote: *sayzz to me* 'So what did Tom and Alan say when you told them I liked them?'

Name: Julie
Age: 17
My Comments: She's the nicest thing eva!!! She's going to Duke nxt year and she has the sweetest personality
Quote: 'It's over!'

Name: Katherine
Age: 15
My Comments: Very nice and sweet. she lives in California and is like bffz w/ Mindy.
Quote: 'POSTED NOTES!!' o.0

Name: Kevin
Age: 12
My Comments: This kid is so preverted and SO ANNOYING! but he's hilarious..very
Quote: 'Dude, Alan's aunt is hot..' *drooling*

Name: Lisa
Age: 17
My Comments: Omg..she is so funny!! she's going to u of m nxt year so best of luck to her
Quote: 'Xie Xie Zhong Guo!' <--haha...only chinese peeps can read...tehe. another one is, 'Act SSEXXY!'

Name: Lucy
Age: 12
My Comments: she and i are a team to defeat the nice jennifer *evil laughs* lol..kay.
Quote: 'Let's just blame everything on Jennifer'

Name: Margery
Age: 12
My Comments: She's kinda mean to Jen and i don't appreciete that.
Quote: n/a

Name: Mike
Age: 18
My Comments: Going to U of M nxt year..nothing more
Quote: n/a

Name: Mindy
Age: 15
My Comments: she's Awesome!!!w00t! bonus: she goes to wbhs tooo!!! yeahh. She has way too many pirated dvdz though...lol.
Quote: 'We are so Ninja!'

Name: Priscilla
Age: 17
My Comments: She's going to college nxt year as well..i can't remember which one though. XD. Anyways, she's reallly really nice. mucho love to her.
Quote: 'Hokay'

Name: Tom
Age: 15
My Comments: Haha..what a weirdo..anyways, he gets bonus cause he goes to wbhs too! YES! lol. btw, tom, it's block..not cut; no prob...not no problem; snaps...not props..so :P
Quote: 'I really think I'm starting to like Hilary Duff.'

Yepp..that's it for the peeps..now all the dvds we watched..*grins at Mindy*

Guess Who - we watched this on the plane. very funny

The Notebook - it was the saddest movie ever! cried after it. *tear**tear*

The Interperter - that was an okay movie

Toy Story 2 - Ha..i love pixar

Hitch - it kinda got boring after you watched it once.

The Day After Tomorrow - I've seen it before..but still good as new! ^^

Konfu-hustle - this movie was retarted....

Fantastic 4 - it sounds so retarded but it's really good!

dang..i g2g so i'll put more l8er

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GO LONDON!!! [July 6th, 2005 at 7:49pm ]
[ mood | yeah ]


They beat France! YES! and they beat us but that doesn't matter! w00t! good job london! love you brits!!

Anyways...came home from canada yesterday. i'm going to china july 16th - july 31st so i'll miss you all!! mucho luvv!

alright, bye.


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Hey from canada [July 2nd, 2005 at 3:56pm ]
[ mood | omG!! FiREWORKS!! ]

Hey everyone! In canada right now. i just figured out yesterday was Canada Day or their independence day. Ha..I got to see all these little sparks that were supposevly fireworks in the sky. Later today I'm going to the American Eagle over here. Yeah! but my mom says everythings much more expensive over here...grrr..anyways i miss America and on july 4th i hope everyone has a great independence day.

God Bless,

<3 Maggie

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Toronto [July 1st, 2005 at 2:42pm ]
[ mood | Happy ]

Kay, I'm going to Canada today. *sigh* I seriously don't want to but do I have a choice? Ha...I wish I did. Hm...seems nothing has been going on lately. GOt invitedd to Kristina's going away Parteh! I'm gonna miss her sooo much! I think we're gonna watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Even though I've already seen it, I think it's so much cooler when you actually see it with you bff..:( Love you mucho mucho Kristina.

Anyways, nothing much happening. Jake Abel hasn't emailed anyone lately. Whatevv. They say he's busy so he's busy. Kay..I understand.

Ohmigod, people!! Our garbage dude still hasn't come and garbage day is Wednesday. Weird. My mom complained to the company though and you know when they're gonna pick it up? Tuesday...o_0. Very..er..interesting. Tehe. Grr...i forgot what I was gonna type. Grr...

oh...HAPPY JULY EVERYONE!!!! Now that it's soo hot, I really want our hideous winters back!! Lol. And then when that comes, I'll want our hideous summers back. Grr..life is sooo unfair!! lOl..maybe I'll just wish for our LOVELY falls and springs..yeah. THat sounds good.

WOw...loads of paragraphs today...

<33 MAggi3

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Lovely me..updating again [June 29th, 2005 at 3:55pm ]
[ mood | Hungry ]

West Bloomfield, Michigan is same old same old. Lol. Nothing much going here. Hmm..oh.

HAPPy BiRTHDAY ViViAN!!!! MuCHO MuCHO <3!!! HAPPy 13th!!

Alright, the fireworks at Heart plaza are tonight! Ugh..I wish I could actually go down there! But watching it on tv is cool too I guess. Yeah! July 4th is almost here!! God bless!!! Jeez...this HTML is so annyoing! lol. Hm...i have nothing else to say except for shoutouts I guess...i'll finish them later..

Vivian;;Happy birthday darling! hope it's great!!

Rachelle;;Prominade!! Haa..Poor old rick.. you ruined his job</strike> life.

Ellen;; Love you mucho mucho.

Sean;; BFFx1000000!! Luvv ya!

Lyndsay;; Heyy!! HAGS...c u next year! Lovee ya!

Julie;; Clark, I MISS YOU!!! CAll me!! please?

Carson;; I'm gonna miss you a lot...i was cryin' the other night. Miss you...

Rachel;; I'm gonna miss you too. Hope you have fun at clifford.

8th graders >>9th graders;; AHH!!! I'm gonna miss you all!!! i hope i see you all in two years!!!

Everyone else;; Email me at xoxo_maggi3@yahoo.com


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o.0 [June 28th, 2005 at 2:03pm ]
[ mood | CHiPPeR{w/e that means..} ]

hm..nothing seems to be going on in dear old little West Bloomfield, michigan. it looks like it's gonna rain outside. Whatev. it'd be good for our grass. our sprinklers are broken and yeah. hm...we keep on having these frequent blackouts because DTE is fixing a wire or power line or something. i hope they finish it soon. yesterday it didn't come on until like 10 at night. Grr...I played cards with my parents the whole time though and that was fun {even though i lost so many times.} Anyways, gonna meet yash, megan and swathi todayy. Yeaherz. Summer is such a drag..not, but if the sun could turn up a bit and cool down a bit it would be good. I'm going to Toronto this weekend...as i said before and i'm not really that thrilled..on july 4th too. w00t w00t. Haha..i'm so obssessive over Jake Abel now..haha. Kinda like my obssession over Cedar point. He's my backdrop and on my xanga..he's my layout...haha. Love him though. you gotta. And no rachelle, my lips are sealed. kay..i'm gonna go now..maybe i'll edit this later but that's it. See you! ANd comment!!


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Gay gals [June 27th, 2005 at 8:30pm ]
[ mood | bitchy ]

@ the library rite now. omg..some bitchy girls are talking some crap..ugh..it's called ANNOYING!!! and there trying to get on AIM...haha...the library won't allow it..and there still trying! dumbasses. haha. ugh...weirdos these days..lol. well anyways i'll b on for about another what, 20 min? then i'll go home and watch hell's kitchen..yesh biatches!! now these girls are typing REALLY REALLY LOUD! and it's getting on my nerves. there typing letters one by one...REALLY slowly..oh gawd come on. It's funny. now these girls don't even have email!! HAHAHAHA!! lmao..anyways today was longg. i went to summit mall for NOTHING what soooo eva!!!! Kay...i'm signing off now..buzz by and give mwah a comment..

Mucho MUcho LOVE!!


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Americans ALL THE WAY!! [June 27th, 2005 at 3:05pm ]

Yesterday I went to see Mr and Mrs Smith w/ Jenny. Omg...it was awesome!!! So much action and comedy! Absolutely luvved it! u gotta go see it if you haven't yet. Hm...Kendall emailed me yesterday like 40 times about nothingness...thanks a bunch Ken. Now in my Yahoo, there like still 30 unread messages...ugh. Anways..this weekend for July 4th {God Bless America} we're going to canada. CANADA FOR INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! I was soo mad when i heard...ugh..to visit my dad's parents...HELLO!!!??? I <333 My grandparents and all..but please, can't it wait till like next week? ugh..anyways, while I'm there I'm gonna be wearing american clothes, tee shirt that says, "All American Girl" and shorts that say american eagle on my booteh..lol..at least it has american. and i persuaded my dad to put an American flag on our little antenna on the car and so the canadians are gonna be like..woah..what's an american doing here on July 4th eh? haha..that should be fun..but at least i get to go shopping. fortunately they have American Eagle and Lanza girl{sp?} there. Thank god.... and remeber..


<33 Maggie


Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm all for America and NOT Canada...sorry Canadians..though I do love Brits and Aussies. Lol 

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Mr and Mrs Smith [June 26th, 2005 at 8:44pm ]
[ mood | hyper ]

just got back from watching Mr and Mrs Smith. It is soo funny! It's hilarious. Love it.Image hosted by Photobucket.com Anyways...o god. Jenny and I ate a huge bucket of popcorn..ugh..it was so good but i'm soo full! geez...

KaY ..

WATCHinG Mulan rite now. Bored...la de da.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comMAGGiE

o..and i made IconS on the last post. so yeahh...take if you want but comment if you are gonna use it...>_

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LoVEly [June 25th, 2005 at 8:23pm ]
[ mood | amused ]

Hm....we had a blackout earlier today....o.0 dunno why..don't ask. Spurs peeps are CoMMENTiNG and it's really cool...cause it seems lyke they got respect for us too. they were good, you gotta admit... bored rite now. listening to no other song then behind these hazel eyes. kay...it seems like i'm going w/ summa breeze.very hott. jenny is sleeping ova today! yeah. damn..i need to see some of you guys again! agh!!!! i miss everybody so much! i was like crying the other nite because everyones like going to a diff school or moving. I hate it!!!! It's not funn. kay...cmmt for no apparent reason..tehe.


Hey everyone..I was so bored that i made some icons...you can have them but comment and tell me if your gonna..thankies!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Pistons are still MY Champions! [June 24th, 2005 at 8:18am ]
[ mood | Keep the Spirit Alive! ]

Arg.. we lost yesterday. Grr..whatev, we'll win next year!! watching spongebob square pants right now..er, it's um interesting. wait, is larry brown retiring? I'm gonna cry if that happens! He's soo cool! Hm..today, I'm going over to Jason and Jeanie's house. Tomorrow, Jennifer's sleeping over and Jason is coming over. joy..lol..literally. Hm..yesterday, Image hosted by Photobucket.comJake AbelImage hosted by Photobucket.com emailed me. Ha...that is so cool. he seems really really nice! Anyways, keep our Piston Spirit alive!!!

Mucho Mucho Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMaggi3

Comment please!! I love having nice anonymous comments.

hey everyone!!!
i think i'm gonna change my icon. so everyone vote for them.

1.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

2.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

3.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

4.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

5.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

VOTE for 1 #!!

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Love jake abel! <--me and ellen! [June 23rd, 2005 at 11:41am ]
[ mood | Yeahh ]

Maggie Says;;

Haha...I've been so busy trying to make this livejournal work...FINaLLY it works. links should work. And by the way to the people who are new to Livejournal, to comment click 'Come True' and to read other comments that other people have put just click '# Dream(s)'. it's really easy. i got this comment from an anonymous who somehow got my email....o.0 whatevv. hm...let's see. Jennifer and Jason are coming over on Saturday. yeah! that's gonna be fun even though Jason is such a loser...haha..sorry hun. also..ellen still loves Jake abel...lol. yes we all do don't we? lol. kay. just another boring day just DRAGGING on! lol.


Rachelle.·´¯`·-»Ha i stole this arrow thing from you. Love you! PROMINADE and RICK!!! Inside joke...haha. lmao.

Ellen.·´¯`·-»Yes, Jake Abel is hot. haha. hm...HAGS

Amber.·´¯`·-»Hey! You did great on your dance!! Great job! Love you!!

Rachel.·´¯`·-»OMg!!! I'm gonna miss you so much! Science was so much fun with you!!! *cry* dON'T MOVE!!! plz?

Carson.·´¯`·-»As I said before, bus rides will NEVER be the same w/out you!!! I'm gonna be really really sad. Love you!!!

Ryan.·´¯`·-»Science was fun with you also! you always made me laugh no matter what! I'm gonna miss you! I've known u since 2nd grade. o.0

Rayvn.·´¯`·-»Don't go to a diff schooL! Abbott is awesome! grr...i'm gonnna miss you!!! ♥

Kristina.·´¯`·-»i will NEVER EVER forget you!! I'm seriously gonna cry. I love you so much!!! your so loud and i'll miss being 2nd loudest {haha}! London!! sooo not fair!!! Byeee......*tear**tear*

Kelly.·´¯`·-»So glad we became good friends! see you next year in dance and at school!

Marisa.·´¯`·-»Cara's bat mitzvah was sooo much fun with you! your a great dancer

Cara.·´¯`·-»AHH!!! i love you sooo much!!! see you ova the summer hopefully

Yanique.·´¯`·-»Next year is gonnna be SOO boring w/out you!! see u in 2 years at the high school..unless i go 2 IA with rachelle...

Lyndsay.·´¯`·-»Yah!! your gonna be a 7th grader!! w00t w00t! but haha..i'm gonna be in 8th..*evil laugh* lol. Love you! HAGS and HAKAS.

Sherry.·´¯`·-»Having funn in Europe? ugh..your so lucky. I'd love to go to london.

Lauren.·´¯`·-»Call for plans!!

Abby.·´¯`·-»AbBY!!!! Grr..your going to highschool too! see you {hopefully} in too years!!! mucho love

Julie.·´¯`·-»JULIE CLARK!!! Gah!! We never did anything bad in Math...er..yeah..haha. we love Ms. Steele, don't we?

Julie.·´¯`·-»Okorn!! Since you live 3 doors down, instead of calling, just walk to my house!

Anisa.·´¯`·-»Miss you!! Hakas

Ellen.·´¯`·-»Hey redner!!! The party was so much fun with you!!!! ♥ you! that was so stupid, our fight.

Natasha.·´¯`·-»OMG!!! You have to tell me!!! please!!

Laura.·´¯`·-»Feldmen...MISS YOU SOOO MUCH!!! see you next year at dance and everything else.

Vicky.·´¯`·-»Your so nice!!! See you next year

Sarah.·´¯`·-»BACON!!! w00t! We love you! Gym and 7th hr was sooo much fun with you!

Parris.·´¯`·-»heyy. See you next year! count on it! millenium force! haha..

Kay..that's all for now! I'm way to bored...haha proof is above..writing like 40 shoutouts.. wow. i have no life..lol.jk jk. kay! byee!! Comment if you love me!


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Well... [June 23rd, 2005 at 9:14am ]
[ mood | HapPy! {for no aparent reason} ]

nothing much to say. it's like 9am or something. jeez...anyways, i'm gonna stay up till like 2am just for the lovely pistons! GO PISTONS!! like the new layout? me like. anyways yesterday i did absolutely nothing except i went ot play tennis with my mom and that was fun. then i came home and went on the computer. blah. kay. update maybe later! love ya'll

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Maggie

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Yesterdayy [June 19th, 2005 at 5:12pm ]
Heyy all.
Todayy; At friends party for fathers day. Bleh..no one's here rite now..bleh....bleh..bleh, tonite watch the pistons on channel 7 {er ABC)!GO PISTONS!!!!

First I had our dance recietal at South Lyon and I met up with; Lauren A, Rachel G, Kelly V, Rachael K, Laura F, Anisa B, Alana B, Taylor B, Ashely B, and everyone else....{too laz e to name all.} Then after BORING dance recietal, I went to Cara's Batmitzvah and it was sooo much fun!! Rachelle, Marisa, Ellen W, Kristina, Ellen R, and Zack were Dancing like crazy. Haa...the DJ'z were so friking nice. Chad and Joe, I think there names were. Ellen W thought Chad was hot...and bi..i agree with both. It was hilarious. anyways they were both velly velly nice. And joe was hilarious. we ate lasagna and potato's with cheese on then we danced some more and got a lot of prizes and freebies. ha..fUNN. Then Rachelle and I did the square dance thing! HA!!! it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! it was hilarious too because she was the man. hahaa. PROMINADE!!!!!! haha...inside joke. I actaully remember how to do the Virginia w/e. haha. okay..g2g..people r here now! byeee!! mucho mucho love.

<33 MAggie
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[June 17th, 2005 at 3:10pm ]
[ mood | sad ]

YESS!!! skool's out!! w00t! omG>>>Rachel and Kristina and Ryan and Carson, I ♥ you guys more than anything!! YOu guys are the best!!!

Rachel; Your soo nice! In Science we had so many funn times! i'm gonna miss you so much! x0x0.

Kristina; i'm NEVER gonna forget you! your voice, your laugh, and your soo lucky to go to london!! LUCKY DUCK!! but I'mm gonna miss you mucho mucho. <333

Ryan; I've known you eva since 2nd grade. your an awesome guy..funny and dorky at the same time..ha. but you always make someone smile. thanks for being there for everyone in science. x33

Carson; BuS RIDES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU!!! I'm gonna miss you so much! no one's as great and interesting as you..{at least on the bus} XD...:'(

*cry**cry* LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! I WILL MISS YOU ALL!!!!!! O and rachel, see you tomorrow!


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NOT FAIR!~ [June 16th, 2005 at 11:12am ]
[ mood | NOT FAIR! ]

Ugh! In Mrs. Brown's class. It's so unfair, first people are moving and 8th graders are leaving! I hate it! Rachel and Kristina are leaving and Alex is moving to a diff neighborhood and Yanique and the rest of the 8th graders are leaving! NOT FAIR!! just wanna let you know that I love all of you 8th graders and Rachel, LOVE YOU and WILL MISS!!! and Kristina..OMG! London! Not fair but I'm gonna miss you sooo much! email me!! xoxo_maggi3@yahoo.com I'm gonna miss everyone! *tear*


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